The multidisciplinary artist, Dana Taylor,

documents “Sleepy People” scattered throughout urban spaces.

The project showcases selected photos from a collection of over 300 pictures (to date)

All images are 100% authentic and not staged!

Each image is printed on white pillowcase

and hanged on clotheslines with wooden pegs.

This unique and playful display 

creates a fresh perspective and a profound experience.

It evokes the viewer to contemplate on its own existence,

and suggests that anyone at any time may find themselves

on the edge and on the street,


SLEEPING ROUGH The Exhibition, has been shown at  

Dizengoff Center Gallery, Tel-Aviv

Beit Yad LaBanim, Ramat-Gan

  The National Theatre of Israel - Habima Theatre, Tel-Aviv

Her Story – an international exhibition by The ArtisTTable

InDnegev Festival 2018

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